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Hidden Text Messages

28, Jun 2012

 A review of the Text Messages: Recent Work by Joshua Abarbanel exhibiting at the Zena and Pauline Gatov Gallery at the Alpert Jewish Community Center of Long Beach from June 1–July 15, 2012. “Judaism has always regarded Hebrew as a sacred language, the medium of divine communication. For millennia, its sages and mystics have taught that the letters are no ordinary vehicle […]

A background on the blog art of Mel Alexenberg By Yehudis Barmats/Harris “Art today,” Mel Alexenberg says, “must think Jewish.” When Mel Alexenberg had the image of an angel fly around the world using AT&T satellites and fax machines (AT&T Circumglobal Angel Flight, Oct. 4 and 5 1989) he was celebrating the angel of Rembrandt’s […]

There’s an old Jewish joke in which a man asks a rabbi, “”Why do Jews always answer a question with a question?” The rabbi answers: “Do we?” Following that thread, new media artist/UC Berkeley professor Ken Goldberg and designer Gil Gershoni created a new online and physical installation for San Francisco’s Contemporary Jewish Museum titled […]

The Six Points Fellowship for Emerging Jewish Artists in Los Angeles is accepting applications! The Fellowship supports nine artists (ages 22-38) working in visual arts, music, performing arts, film, video and animation to develop a new project exploring Jewish themes and ideas.  We are excited to launch our first cohort in Los Angeles, based on […]

By SUDINmag | Tweet ROBERT  KIRSCHBAUM The 42-Letter Name APRIL 4 – JUNE 17 Opening Reception Thursday April 7 6:00 to 8:00PM MELVILLE HOUSE GALLERY 145 Plymouth Street Brooklyn, New York 718.722.9204 [email protected]

Chossid + Fender

10, Mar 2011

By Yitzchok Moully for the Algemeiner | Tweet There is old school Jewish art; we all know what that looks like – an old man bent over fixing a shoe, or a dark shtetle landscape. Then there is the new Jewish art; a wave of mostly young artists who grew up in the new world […]

By SUDINmag | Tweet Cutout Judaica Design by Ken Goldman Just download and cutout and you can have your own G-d is in the details torah cursor! download the TORAH Yad pdf Check out more at