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Plus, the Coen Brothers were in Israel By Saul Sudin Much has already been said about Lars Von Trier and his outrageous statements at the Cannes Film Festival, having infamously stated “I really wanted to be a Jew and then I found out that I was really a Nazi, because my family is German. And […]

By Saul Sudin The Israeli film “This is Sodom” (Zohi Sdom) is a spinoff of the popular comedy television series “Wonderful Country” (Eretz Nehederet), a sort of Israeli Saturday Night Live. Like many feature films rooted in comedy television, it ultimately succeeds or fails based on the audience’s interest in the comedic style and approach. […]

By SUDINmag The Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS) presents Volumes II, an exhibition by JTS artists in residence that is now open at the JTS library in New York. From books to fabric sculptures, graphic novel illustrations, and cereal box aprons (!?), this second exhibition of work by JTS artists in residence is as diverse as […]

By Josh Sky – Read the full article on HEEB | Tweet Like Gary Panter before him and Banksy and Shephard Fairey after, Gary Baseman blurs the line between fine art and commercial art. Illustration, vinyl toys, painting, animation; no medium is off limits. Past projects include campaigns for brands like Nike and Mercedes-Benz, designing […]

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By Ajax Union on JewishArtBlog | Tweet “The art of beautiful writing” not only goes back thousands of years, as seen through Jewish art, but is “an integral part of the cultural legacy of the Jew.” Of all the tradition and symbols of traditional for the Jewish people, perhaps none are more telling than Hebrew […]

Art and Faith

5, Jan 2011

By Natalia Kadish | Tweet In the holy language of Hebrew nothing is coincidental or superfluous.  The Hebrew words Emunah (faith) and Amenut (art) share the same root letters as one of the most familiar words in the world, the word Amen.  Amen, in fact, is spoken as written in every context in which it […]