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14 Dec

Doodling for Torah Understanding

By SUDINmag | December 14, 2010 |

As an infinite source of inspiration, story, and law, the Torah gives awareness to complicated subject matter by concealing it beneath seemingly simple stories and references. The text includes only the information necessary for understanding, no more, no less.

A creative parable for understanding this concept, is through doodling.

This video (below) instructs how to create complicated design structures from a simple process of little more than a squiggle.

“Something seemingly arbitrary and confusing is actually part of something (greater). “

As being created “in the image of G-d” we as creative beings have the ability to find some reference point, no matter how minute, to connect to the original creative consciousness.

Unraveling what lies beneath the surface of seemingly straightforward series of events in the Torah is not a simple task. Each letter in Hebrew carries its meaning far greater than the weight of the word itself. All translations of the original text water down and distort, leaving most unaware that there was ever anything beyond a fairy tale or simple story.

How does the Torah, or Judaism tell a complicated concept in a simplified way? Your thoughts are encouraged.

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