Jerusalem New: Cross Cultural Jewelry

23 Dec
By knockoutdesign |

Jerusalem is a pendant inspired by the uniqueness of the city of Jerusalem. Old City of Jerusalem is a mixture of ethnics, religions and languages, the pendant tries to capture this rich environment and celebrates cultural diversity. Pendant is composed of three layers based on the map of the Old City. The layers of the pendant reconstruct Old City’s complexity and its various faces. Upper layer constitutes the boundaries of the Old City and its major streets. Layer in the middle shows the division into four quarters – Armenian, Christian, Jewish and Muslim, marked by symbols of each religion. The bottom layer points out the holy places of those religions. Pendant is accompanied with a specially designed map.
You can purchase Jerusalem here on ETSY

Material | stainless steel coated with 24 K gold
Size | S, M
Year | 2010
Knockoutdesign typeface design | Marian Misiak

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