Three Faiths At The Public Library

29 Dec
By Richard Mcbee originally posted for the Jewish Press

Three Faiths: Judaism, Christianity, Islam currently at the New York Public Library at 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue, explores parallel and divergent trends in illuminated manuscripts and books, from the last 1500 years, which are in the Library’s vast permanent collection.  Most importantly, on the Library’s website ( there is an online exhibition that allows you to peruse many pages in manuscripts (look for NYPL Digital Gallery) that are not viewable in the exhibition itself (obviously each manuscript can only be open to one page at a time).  Also available for viewing in the Digital Library are related works that the Library has in its collections, such as 21 decorated ketubot or 49 illuminated pages of Tanach written by Joseph of Xanten, Germany in 1294.  To say the least it is quite a treat.

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Three Faiths At The Public Library  , Richard McBee

Three Faiths At The Public Library
Fifth Avenue & 42nd Street
Until February 27, 2011

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