Art and Faith

5 Jan

By Natalia Kadish |

In the holy language of Hebrew nothing is coincidental or superfluous.  The Hebrew words Emunah (faith) and Amenut (art) share the same root letters as one of the most familiar words in the world, the word Amen.  Amen, in fact, is spoken as written in every context in which it is used.  When a person says Amen it is a pure and simple declaration of their trust and faith; Amen expresses a spiritual/emotional state which can not be put into words.  This is why the three letters of Amen form the root of the word for art.  Art is, in itself, an attempt to draw into this physical world that which is inherently transcendental.  Art, at its best, is an expression of the artist’s faith, their affirmation of the relationship between the spiritual world and its physical counterpart.

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Judith Joseph

January 10th, 2011 at 11:49 pm

Love this! Thanks for making the connection.

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