Soular Power: Spiritual Handbook and Exhibition

31 Jan

By SUDINmag |

Opening reception Feb 4, 2011 7-11pm
Closing reception Feb 27, 2011 11am-3pm

Soular Power

Paintings by Benson Simmonds
Blue Five Art Space
2935 S. Sepulveda Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

Benson Simmonds believes all good art comes from the soul and has the power to create a new world. The Soular Power series and handbook were developed to awaken the power of the soul by teaching Jews and others to resist a reactive lifestyle and embrace a positive proactivity.

The premise of the book is that we all are born with two operating systems. Our default operating system—the one we are locked into if we don’t choose otherwise—is our ego based in fears and limitations. It’s a drive for self-preservation that doesn’t mind who gets hurt along the way. The ego message is that we are not enough and that there is and will never be enough. The paradox of the ego is that drive for self-preservation is exactly what kills us years before our time, because it puts so much stress on us emotionally and physically.

The other operating system is our Soular system, the system of our soul, which is a drive based on joy, love and expansion. The paradox of the soular system is that when we stop and simply say, “I’m enough, this moment is enough” it is exactly when we allow more divine light in to accomplish our goals. As Jews we live to be a light unto the nations by learning to transform fear, lack and limitation into joy, love and expansion.

The book includes many tools to help us make that shift so we can proactively create our own world and not be helpless reactive victims to the world. It is art to awaken the soular power and live in infinite joy, love and expansion 24/7.

In addition to opening and closing receptions for the show, there will also be a singles event February 14th. As Simmonds puts it, “I’m also planning to attract my true soul mate.”

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