JTS Exhibits Artists in Residence

2 May


The Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS) presents Volumes II, an exhibition by JTS artists in residence that is now open at the JTS library in New York.

From books to fabric sculptures, graphic novel illustrations, and cereal box aprons (!?), this second exhibition of work by JTS artists in residence is as diverse as the JTS library itself. Advisor Tobi Kahn was delighted by the results exclaiming, “Each artist is doing work that is based on their lives and creating their own iconography.” Kahn explained that the artists in residence work as a community within the collaborative setting of an atelier studio. Members include faculty, staff, students, and alumni of all the JTS programs.

Vayikra by Gregory Gilbert

Artists such as Sonia Gordon-Walinsky and Gregory Gilbert use Hebrew text as a source of inspiration for their illuminated calligraphies. Gordon-Walinsky noted the symbiotic nature of the artists’ relationship to the residency program, “We are in a library. We made art out of used books the JTS library was going to put in the ganiza (burial of unusable Jewish texts).” In his work titled Vayikra, Gregory Gilbert presents an altar of Temple times in a contemporary way by layering it with levels of intimate detail and meaning. The Hebrew words in and above the altar name the six types of offerings discussed in the book of Vayikra ויקרא (Leviticus). These artists are not only saving old texts, but reviving educated Judaica in a very important way.

“The magic happens when the reader reads between the panels and creates the narrative.”

Panels from Golem by Demetrious Vital

Illustrator Demetrious Vital employs dynamic visual storytelling in his graphic novel adaption of the classic “Golem” story. He employs his readers to delve into the art saying, “The magic happens when the reader reads between the panels and creates the narrative.”

Parenting Special Needs I-III by Abby Cohen

We invite you to see the show for yourself. Comments welcome.

Volumes II is located at The Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary 3080 Broadway New York, NY
The JTS Artist-in-Residence Program is sponsored by Chancellor Arnold M. Eisen of the Master’s Program in Jewish Art and Visual Culture in the Office of Student Life.

More information about art courses and programs can be found here. Whether you want
to study illustration, painting, sculpture, or different kinds of art and design, there are classes that will help you to grow in the direction you want to grow.

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