Anne Hromadka makes the The Big Jewcy list 2011

17 Jun

Congratulations to Anne Hromadka, recognized on The Big Jewcy list 2011 for her work in contemporary Jewish art!

The Big Jewcy: Anne Hromadka – SEDER As Art

By Margarita Korol for Jewcy

In an interview with graphic design god Milton Glaser, he discussed art as a survival device, something that persisted through human culture as a tool for inducing attentiveness in the populace. Through her unique projects in the Jewish art world, Anne Hromadka is blowing our minds, man, as the tribe is exposed to innovative art, and art exposes new things about the tribe.

For the past six years, she has been engaged in the community as director at LA’s contemporary art gallery Culver City Arts District as well as independent consultant for the city’s Hebrew Union College. In the past couple years, she also took on the nonprofit art sector as program director for Southern California’s Jewish Artists Initiative. The cherry on top has got to be the project she co-founded, the Los Angeles SEDER Art Micro-Grant, which rethinks “how Contemporary Jewish art and culture is financed and experienced communally” via a feast and democracy. Steeped in these engaging projects, she remarks, “My primary interest is in expanding the Jewish culture conversation by finding new ways to share our diverse narratives in the public sphere. I believe strongly in the power of participatory cultural experiences and believe art education is enhanced through a variety of ways when it directly engages the audience.”

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