Call for Entries: Sacred Spaces in Profane Buildings, a New York Archive

16 Aug

Storefront for Art and Architecture will present Sacred Spaces in Profane Buildings a New York Archive, a project by Matilde Cassani opening on September 13th. The project unveils the hidden spaces within New York dedicated to the different beliefs of its citizens.

As part of an upcoming exhibition, we are developing a New York Archive of Sacred Spaces in Profane Buildings and we need your help. This is an open call for contributions that explain either a story or the memory of a visit, a sketch of a known space, a photograph of a street sign, a location in a map, anything that might help us construct the most comprehensive guide to the sacred unknown of New York.

Do you know of a secret-sacred building in your neighborhood? (ie. Shteibel, Independant Minyan, etc)
Do you know of a shop that has become a Mosque?
Or an apartment that has become an Iglesia Evangelica?
Is there a prayer space in your block?

We are looking for profane buildings transformed into the sacred: private shrines; new bespoke religious buildings; and unofficial spaces for prayer. A selection of the submissions will be exhibited at Storefront and will be part of the Sacred Spaces in Profane Buildings NY Archive. This is a collective project and we want you to be part of it.

To participate submit your material at:


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