Dutch Jewish Art Today—Jewish Museum—Nov 7

1 Nov

Jewish Art Salon president Yona Verwer, will be speaking about The Jewish Art Salon, her own art, and Dutch Jewish art today, at this event focusing on the little-known history of Jewish communities in The Netherland from the Renaissance to present day.

Speakers include:

The Jews of The Netherlands
Monday, November 7, 2011

$125 Members before October 17
$150 Non-members and Members after October 17

Complimentary Admission: Participants registered for any upcoming Jewish Museum travel program.

10:30-10:45 Registration

10:45 Welcoming Remarks

Dr. Jane Gerber
Director, Institute for Sephardic Studies, City University of New York
Jews in the Dutch Republic: from Portuguese New Christians to Jewish Merchants & Printers

Dr. Raymond Scheindlin, Professor of Medieval Hebrew Literature, Jewish Theological Seminary, and Janice Meyerson, Mezzo-soprano
From Spinoza to Ann Frank: Literary and Musical Heritage of the Jews of the Low Countries

12:45-2:00 Enjoy a delicious lunch at the Museum’s new Lox Cafe. Price of lunch not included in program ticket.

Dr. Shoshannah Brombacher
Artist, academic researcher and maggidah
The Portuguese (Marano) Jewish Community in 17th century Amsterdam; and Gravestone inscriptions at Bet Haim cemetery

Dr. Marc Michael Epstein
Director of Jewish Studies, Vassar College
Representations and Re-Presentations of Jewish Customs in 18th century Amsterdam

Salomon L. Vaz Dias
Spanish and Portuguese Jews in World War II in the Netherlands

Break for light refreshments

Cantor Josee Wolff
Cantatorial Music of the Dutch Jewish Synagogue

Yona Verwer
Artist and President, Jewish Art Salon
Dutch Jewish Art Today

Closing Remarks
Dr. Aryeh Maindenbaum, Jewish Museum Travel Representative

More info: http://www.thejewishmuseum.org/TravelU

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