Miraculously Sustainable and Upcycled Hannukah Menorah Designs

12 Dec

By Karen Chernick for Green Prophert

Can’t find your old Hannukah menorah? Israeli designers come up with clever alternatives.

With the Jewish Hannukah holiday only a few weeks away, many Jews in the Middle East and elsewhere are anxiously waiting to eat sufganiot (jelly doughnuts) and searching their closets and cupboards for their Hannukah menorahs.  In case they can’t be found, here is a roundup of a few upcycled and sustainable menorahs made by Israeli designers (such as Gad Charny’s clothespin menorah, seen above). Charny used clothespins to create this menorah, and made a few different versions.  (If you’re feeling crafty, you could try making your own either out of clothespins or other readily available materials that you have lying around at home.)

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