Call for Art: “Living in Joy” Group Show

7 Jul

Deadline: July 17, 2013

The Creative Soul in association with the Jewish Learning Institute will be hosting an art exhibition titled “Living in Joy” at the National Jewish Retreat, August 8-11, 2013 at the Hilton hotel Alexandria VA.

The exhibition will feature works from a wide range of Jewish artists from around the world reflecting the theme of Joy in Judaism.

Creative Soul Show - Living in Joy

Curated by Rabbi Yitzchok Moully co-founder of The Creative Soul, looking to feature both established and emerging Jewish artists, the exhibition strives to raise the bar on the quality of Jewish art and engage the audience in a dialogue on the value of creativity in Jewish life.

We are pleased to share this great opportunity with our community of artists. The JLI retreat is a truly wonderful event created by the JLI team, for almost a full week in August 1000 guests will gather to enjoy high quality Torah learning, food and entertainment. Now the Creative Soul is part of the line up.

We will be presenting a group show titled “Living in Joy” exploring the celebration of Joy in Jewish life. The art show is scheduled to take up the full space in the main lobby, giving the art a tremendous amount of exposure.
The art show will begin at 6pm on Thursday evening, August 8 with an artist reception open to the entire guests. All artists are invited to attend.
The show will run from August 8-11.

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Deadline is July 17, 2013

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