Introducing… The Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art (Video)

28 Jul

The Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art provides a stage for the creative forces that are active today and relate, in one way or another, to the Jewish world of content. Once every two years, all those interested in art, Judaism or both, will gather from around the world to enjoy a wide range of unique and revelatory works art.

The Biennale’s first event will open on the 12th of Tishrei (September 16th) just before the coming of Sukkot . Different exhibitions by different curators, in different venues around the city, all seeking to grasp “Contemporary Jewish Art”.

Why Biennale?

This is not a one time event. We are introducing a new institute in Jerusalem- one that will live in the city in the coming decades.

Over 100 cities around the world host a Biennale. Biennales have repeatedly proven to be watershed events in the life of great cities and are catalysts for urban development and cultural enrichment. Like in Venice, Berlin, Los-Angeles, Sao Paolo and Istanbul, art lovers will anticipate for the next biennale to come.

In the long run concentrating on Contemporary Jewish Art will reinforce Jerusalem’s efforts to position itself as a unique global cultural and artistic center.

Who are we?

We are a passionate group of young visionaries, curators and artists who find a special interest in Contemporary Art on one hand and in the Jewish world of content on the other. If those two worlds seem today so distant, we want to bring them together. Where there are so many people who claim that Contemporary Art can not be Jewish, and that Jewish art is nothing but contemporary, we insist to start a journey, that might never end, and ask “What is Contemporary Jewish Art?”.

What are we raising money for?

The work on the Biennale has started long time ago. We have found wonderful venues for exhibitions around historic-central Jerusalem. We set the dates to be just after Yom-Kippur and just before Sukkot- when so many visitors are here. We have established many partnerships with small institutions, groups and individuals. And maybe more than everything: We met so many Artists that are waiting for the opportunity to exhibit their work.

We need your help to make this happen.

Your help will allow us to print and frame photos in high quality, rent screens for video art and systems for sound installations, move and install art pieces, pay for security and insurance (that hopefully we won’t have to use), give our excellent crew fair return for their hard work and make sure you will enjoy the art when you visit.

What is in it for you? (the perks)

Your investment is also a guarantee of your participation in the first Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art! Every item we send will be carefully designed and will be a small reminder for being part of history. When the Biennale will open its 10th event, on 2031, you can proudly show of your partnership card from the very first one.
If you can come yourself- It’s great! If you share a meaningful day with friends- even better! And even if you are not really here: send a surprise to someone who can! We would love to send your tickets or invitations to your friends, family and colleagues. We would be more then happy to send a precious present to soldiers, students, or any other group that you choose.

How else can you help?
Well, – thanks for asking.
You can also help us by telling more people about us. If you’re an art lover, curator or an artist we’d love to keep in touch. Sign up here, and we’ll keep you posted with exciting news about us and what’s going on in the Jewish art/culture scene, send you open calls, etc .

If you speak/write/translate to any language besides Hebrew, if you manage activities in your community, or work in PR, Social media, development and have some free time, we’d love your help.

View the giving levels and find out more and show your support on the official Indiegogo campaign:

Your contribution counts more!

ROI Community will match all contributions made to this campaign – up to a total of $5,000 in matched contributions. Matched funds are reflected in the total amount raised.

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July 29th, 2013 at 12:50 pm

Where do we sign up for more info etc? Says ‘sign up here’ but it’s unclear where exactly.. Thanks!!


Hedy Maimann

July 29th, 2013 at 3:06 pm

I would love to participate- is it too late ? I am a jewish artist from Austria.
Please let me know.
Thank you – toda- shalom



August 25th, 2013 at 9:42 pm

This is the very first pilot festival for the Jerusalem Biennale so they are working with a limited number of artists and resources at their disposal. The best thing is to follow the website for new information:

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