Biblical Block Prints of Joyce Ellen Weinstein

9 Feb

A selection of works by Joyce Ellen Weinstein from the series “IN THE BEGINNING.”

yachoved 1
YACHOVED, linoleum block print. 29 x 29 in.
Moses’s mother is wistfully and sadly saying good-bye to her child as she watches him float away in his basket of reeds. Her back is highly rounded and bent, emphasizing the burden of her sorrow. She feels she will never see her child again.

Adam, linoleum block print. 25 x 19 in.
In most traditional art, one sees Adam and Eve very passive when expelled from the Garden of Eden, the eviction from their home. In my work, both Adam and Eve are swept up in the terror of the moment and even become tangled in the vine that bore the fruit of their betrayal.

Moses and the Snake
MOSES, linoleum block print (limited edition), 31 x 24 in.
When Moses doubted the word of G-d, G-d in his anger instructed Moses to bang his staff three times on the ground. Moses did as he was told and his staff turned into a snake. Here Moses is astonished and frightened by the awesome power he just witnessed.

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February 15th, 2014 at 11:30 pm

Really, really nice work. It has the impact of modern comics like Paul Pope and Guy Davis with the design sense of Jack Kirby. it also displays the graphic sensibility of German Expressionist prints. Brave gutsy work. bravo!!!!

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