Open to the Sky: The Beacon Sukkah Project

7 Sep

Beacon Arts and Beacon Hebrew Alliance will contemplate and celebrate universal themes of ephemerality and transience in Open to the Sky: The Beacon Sukkah Project, which will be at Polhill Park in Beacon, NY (by the Beacon Visitors’ Center) from October 8-16.

It will be a large wood sukkah (16×32 feet) with artwork (perhaps yours?) installed on the inside, fabric wrapping the outside and space inside for teachers, instructors, share-ers, shamans, helpful neighbors, dancers, musicians, storytellers and guides of all types (perhaps you?) to lead a class, workshop, drum circle, sing along or something else. Want to get involved? Super! Keep reading!

Getting Involved

Artists: Art inspired by the themes of the holiday, such as impermanence, vulnerability and harvest, will be installed on the inside of the sukkah and everyone (yes, even you) is invited to contribute. For dimensions, materials and other specifics and to register as an artist, please click here.

Teachers: One of the main things we do in the sukkah is learn – so if you have something you want to teach the community – a text, a skill, a song — anything at all, we hope you’ll sign up to teach in Open to the Sky: The Beacon Sukkah Project. For specifics or to register as a teacher, please click here.

Donors: All of the programs of Open to the Sky are offered without charge; however, there are (of course) costs associated with the construction and maintenance of this project and others like it. If you can help support Open to the Sky with a donation of any size, please click here. If you are a business and would like to support this project, please be in touch with us.

Visitors: For the week that Open to the Sky is up, there will be events, classes, workshops, children’s programs and more that are open to everyone, free of charge. Our calendar of events is here; see what seems interesting and come and visit.

Volunteers: We need folks to build Open to the Sky on Sunday, October 5, install art on Wednesday, October 8 and dismantle it on Sunday, October 19. If you can help, please sign up!

Full application information can be found

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