Seeking Jewish Art at Art Basel

18 Dec

By Saul Sudin Originally published on

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It is always an interesting experiment to go to Art Basel in Miami with the intent of discovering contemporary Jewish art. The odds are good that there will simply be nothing to report on. Last year I attended with the same focus, and found not much more than a photograph of Spider-Man praying at the Western Wall (as great as that was).

From my seat in the Brooklyn Jewish creative scene it can seem like every day another artist is popping up full of vim for incorporating religion into their artwork. But the reality is, there are very few people on the professional scale, especially at an internationally renowned art fair, who are actively showing off Jewish-content artwork. And yet, it was there on display if you knew where to look. Across the main show and several other satellite fairs across the city, I found a handful of artists who range in experience and media, united through an interest in exploring Jewish themes.

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