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By Saul Sudin Rama Burshtein’s Fill The Void (Lemale et ha’halal) is the second film in as many years to emerge from Israel with not only a strong international presence, but a unique perspective on religious Judaism. Just as Footnote before it, this was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards after […]

Can Boundaries Cause Unity? Two exhibits ask whether eruvs speak to our essential beings or just replicate the conditions of our wanderings By Sarah Lehat for Tablet The works in the Yale exhibit are indicative of Shabbat’s choreography, containing as many variations as there are artists on the eruvic theme. Daniel Bauer and Avner Bar […]

by Elke Reva Sudin This weekend, a retrospective of the works of Gary Baseman titled The Door Is Always Open, opened, at the Skirball Cultural Center. ‘Door’ recreates the artists’ childhood home filled with famous Baseman characters and Jewish subjects peppered about. Gary Baseman’s characters seated at a Shabbat Table. Baseman has had a long […]

By Elke Reva Sudin Lynne Avadenka, Root Words, 2001. Color lithography, 50 1/8 x 33 3/8 in (127.3 x 84.8 cm) ea. Photo by R.H. Hensleigh. Threatened by secularization in the wake of modernization, members of different religions are joining together to give strength and inspiration to one another, even if their practices, backgrounds, and […]

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By Saul Sudin What can one do to reinvigorate the often tired and predictable horror genre? For a category of movies infinitely reliant upon upping the ante and scaring your audience in new and unexpected ways, the best of our filmmakers often strive to creatively answer this question. Many times, the answer is found in […]

To view the full gallery of images from the event, visit the Flickr page here. Perched atop a residential skyscraper in New York City, twelve emerging artists from across the Judeo-religious and geographic landscape shared their work in an engaging event presented by Jewish Art Now and Bridging the Gap. The evening included a full […]

Hidden Text Messages

28, Jun 2012

 A review of the Text Messages: Recent Work by Joshua Abarbanel exhibiting at the Zena and Pauline Gatov Gallery at the Alpert Jewish Community Center of Long Beach from June 1–July 15, 2012. “Judaism has always regarded Hebrew as a sacred language, the medium of divine communication. For millennia, its sages and mystics have taught that the letters are no ordinary vehicle […]

Premiering at the LABA Festival 2012 in New York By Elke Reva Sudin How difficult  is it to imagine a truly devastating catastrophe? Will calamity come from an instantaneous, even violent change in the landscape, or a slow transformation that could have been prevented? Will we suddenly realize the terrifying future  when the prevention is attainable or […]

By Elke Reva Sudin Travel to Africa and meet members of the Igbo tribe who identify with Israelite origin, and are embracing Jewish tradition with fervor today. Produced and directed by Jeff Lieberman, Re-Emerging: Jews of Nigeria, follows individual stories and collective histories to paint a picture of the Igbo past and present as told from their […]

French film “Le Chat du Rabbin” (“The Rabbi’s Cat”) premiers at the Museum of Modern Art in New York By Michael Brick Last summer, crowds of enthusiastic French theatergoers welcomed the wide release of Le Chat du Rabbin, (“The Rabbi’s Cat,”) an adaptation of the exceptionally popular graphic novel by Joann Sfar, who also directed the film. […]