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By Elke Reva Sudin Distorting (a messiah project, 13C) by Justin Stewart is an installation depicting the concept of messiah as existed in the 13th century. Fleece is stretched to look like a hard form and is positioned through an intricate web of rope and plastic as a way of using architecture to represent an idea. The installation is curated by […]

by Elke Reva Sudin Mabul (“The Flood”) is a coming of age film about a young boy named Yoni, on the precipice of his bar mitzvah while his family is falling apart around him. His Bar Mitzvah Torah portion, that of “Noah”, sets the stage for events that draw parallels between the biblical text and […]

Why the Jewish Museum Goes Gaga for Kehinde Wiley By Elke Reva Sudin What does it mean to paint contemporary Jewish people using traditional Jewish ornamentation but not be Jewish? African-American artist Kehinde Wiley paints underrepresented youths with a style that mimics the portraiture of European nobles. He picks his subjects right off the street, paring […]

Julian Voloj, Detroit Revisited, 5×7″, archival digital print. Jewish history is full of migration stories, from the Exodus of Egypt to the many diasporas that have spread Jewish people around the world. There is much documented on the large and more popular migrations, but the exhibition Silent Witnesses: Synagogues Transformed, Rebuilt or Abandoned currently on view at […]

By Elke Reva Sudin The ‘Tree of Life’ is a symbol from Jewish tradition often used to interpret disparate aspects of an entity (as expressed in roots and branches) that connect back to a singular source. Painter Ari Lankin takes this idea and brings it into his work utilizing bright colors, expressive marks, in an optimistic and […]

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A background on the blog art of Mel Alexenberg By Yehudis Barmats/Harris “Art today,” Mel Alexenberg says, “must think Jewish.” When Mel Alexenberg had the image of an angel fly around the world using AT&T satellites and fax machines (AT&T Circumglobal Angel Flight, Oct. 4 and 5 1989) he was celebrating the angel of Rembrandt’s […]

By Yehudis Barmats/Harris There is something pastoral about the pieces on display in the Oman gallery, located in Romema, Jerusalem- deep in the “Hareidi” (Ultra Orthodox) quarters behind the central bus station. This community center inspires. Oman is an arts training program whose goal it is to help mobilize the talents of the female Israeli […]

Art Exhibition: Matronita-Jewish Feminist Art Museum of Art, Ein Harod Mishkan Le’Omanut January 27 – April 1 2012 An exhibition of contemporary Jewish women’s art focusing on Feminist Jewish topics. Matronita (Talmudic term for an important woman) will examine feminist consciousness in the Jewish world. The status of women in Judaism and the need to […]

Bay Area artists Ken Goldberg and Gil Gershoni present a contemporary take on the inquisitive impulse with a new media installation at the Contemporary Jewish Museum March 31 through July 31, 2011. web: app: twitter:!/doyouloveme facebook: Videographer and Photographer : Jake Durrett Additional footage : Adam Susaneck

By Elke Reva Sudin On a steamy July evening in the heart of Williamsburg Brooklyn, urban contemporary artists hailing from 7 different countries explored the subject of religious practice in the exhibition RITUAL curated by HONEYCOMB and hosted at the Causey Contemporary Gallery. RITUAL opens at the Causey Contemporary Gallery Based in Buenos Aires, Trystan Bates […]