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Derfner Judaica Museum + The Art Collection at The Hebrew Home at Riverdale 5901 Palisade Avenue (at West 261st Street) Bronx, NY  10471 Join Richard McBee for any or all of this series of classes on Jewish art history. Thursdays Jan 5, Jan 12,  Jan 19,  Jan 26, 2012, at 2:30 pm. “Murals, Mosaics, and Manuscript Illumination (250 CE to […]

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DIY menorah design by Ken Goldman List of Materials: “Altoids” tin 4.5 x1/2 inch strip of tin ( any thin metal will work :a piece of an old can,even a thick piece of tooling copper can work in a pinch) 2.5×1/2

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By Karen Chernick for Green Prophert Can’t find your old Hannukah menorah? Israeli designers come up with clever alternatives. With the Jewish Hannukah holiday only a few weeks away, many Jews in the Middle East and elsewhere are anxiously waiting to eat sufganiot (jelly doughnuts) and searching their closets and cupboards for their Hannukah menorahs.  […]

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For Tal

8, Dec 2011

By Chava Evans for the Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals – November 23, 2011 A fellow art student—we’ll call him Tal—once described to me how it felt to wear a skirt for the first time—jubilant, liberated, correct, and uncomfortable. The skirt exposed a deep truth; but even as he felt whole, wearing a skirt […]

By Anna Fine Foer A young man meets a beautiful young girl at a well and she gives water to his camels. This is a familiar motif in B’reshit. Eliezer, Avraham’s servant, is charged with the mission of finding a match for his son, Yitchak. When Eliezer sees Rivka at a well and she waters […]

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By Pop-Chassid The question comes up all the time. Is it possible to be creative and still be a Jew? Can I, a person filled with this passion in my heart – a passion that is alive, breathing, on fire – translate that passion into a piece of art without compromising my principles? Oh, please. […]

Ken Goldman often wondered in his home in Israel if Succoth wasn’t just a holiday invented by marketers to sell off last years xmas decorations. A bit of research uncovered that not long ago we actually made our very own unique succah decorations and probably had lot s of fun doing it as well. A […]

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The latest free jewish arts download by Ken Goldman: Little Chicken Kaporot Tzedakah Box Helps keep kaporot alive- and a few chickens as well! All you need is some heavy weight paper and a color printer. Download the full pdf here.

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History and Theory, Bezalel // Issue No. 22 – On the Sensual in Art, September 2011 By David Sperber In the early seventies, feminist artists were interested in menstrual blood as part of a visual language dealing with bodily emissions. Contemporary Jewish art continues this interest by engaging with the Jewish laws of “Nidda” – […]

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