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What if Jacob’s sons were replaced with a tribe of pop culture stars. Did Jacob’s sons walk the ancient paths of Canaan and Egypt trailed by tribesmen and women hoping to get a glimpse? Did their friends and family hit them up for extra livestock? Would they be living in Hollywood today? The concept that […]

Light Is My Voice: Images, Legends, and Abstractions Photographs by Todd Weinstein Now on view until Dec. 22 The Holocaust Memorial Center Zekelman Family Campus 28123 Orchard Lake Road Farmington Hills, Michigan ( “Weinstein’s most recent exhibition, Light Is My Voice, currently on view at the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills, MI, through December […]

Novelist’s journey back to his Jewish heritage inspires movie based on hassidic legend’s teachings, featuring Israeli star Yehuda Barkan. This article originally appeared in Arutz Sheva. Novelist Tzvi Fishman has discovered a new way of doing t’shuva (repentance) during this High Holiday season. He’s making a movie. The Rambam (Maimonides) writes that to do complete […]

Today, AMALIA (Advancing Mother Artists Living in Asiyah/Action) announces their launch and inaugural campaign. By giving to the campaign you help Jewish mothers gain the time and support to create new and exciting art that reflects the freedom and unity of the Jewish people. AMALIA’s goal is to provide financial and moral support of Jewish […]

Art Kibbutz NY, an international Jewish artist residency program, has announced that after doing pop-up residencies for the past three years, they have now received a donation in the form of a property in New York City and is looking to raise $26,000 in order to sign their lease. Art Kibbutz was founded as a […]

This Sunday August 3rd at 3 p.m. opens The Jewish Waltz with Planet Earth, an environmental/land art exhibit by Art Kibbutz, on New York’s Governors Island – Colonel’s Row 407A. Curated by Jewish Art Salon‘s director Yona Verwer, the exhibit features Jewish responses to nature, food security, farming, and sustainable development. These works were created […]

In addition to a priest, mannequins depicting a Jew, a Buddhist, a Hindu and a Muslim greet visitors. Gordon M. Grant for The New York Times The artist Nina Yankowitz is known for projecting words in glass houses, and oh how they can shatter the place. For “Criss-Crossing the Divine,” her current exhibition at Guild […]

Study Jewish sacred texts as a springboard to artistic creation. Join a community of artists who find inspiration in their heritage. Be a part of a non-denominational study/creative group, a new community, formed by you. Text study lead by Jane Shapiro. Artist direction lead by Judith Joseph. 6 Thursday mornings, 9:45- 11:45 a.m. June 26, […]

From Sagmeister & Walsh: The Jewish Museum is located in a beautiful seven-story mansion in the Upper East side of Manhattan. It is the preeminent museum in the United States devoted to art and Jewish culture. The Jewish Museum has a renowned collection of 30,000 objects that is among the three largest of its kind […]

Has the secular Israeli public’s growing interest in Jewish sources trickled down into the art scene? A new exhibition in Tel Aviv tackles the question. By Eitan Buganim | Haaretz What effect has the resurgent spirit of Judaism and Jewish studies being offered by pluralistic organizations in Israel had on the art scene in this […]