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June 30th-July 3rd, 2014 Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, Falls Village, CT Curated by Jewish Art Now Celebrate and participate in the vibrant infusion of creativity and artistic engagement in a diverse, eco-conscious Jewish community. ArtFest offers a wildly diverse array of opportunities to learn about, create, and engage with the emerging universe of Jewish […]

From Sagmeister & Walsh: The Jewish Museum is located in a beautiful seven-story mansion in the Upper East side of Manhattan. It is the preeminent museum in the United States devoted to art and Jewish culture. The Jewish Museum has a renowned collection of 30,000 objects that is among the three largest of its kind […]

The Bronfman Haggadah, a revolutionary Haggadah for the 21st century, is a collaboration between the late Edgar M. Bronfman, world-renowned philanthropist and Jewish leader, and acclaimed artist, Jan Aronson. The app for the iPad and iPhone is the complete Bronfman Haggadah that can be used alone or as an additional learning tool alongside a traditional […]

This year, may we be liberated from tired stereotypes! By SUDINmag A Jewish handyman—is that an oxymoron? Jewnion Label doesn’t think so. They created the Union of Jewish Handymen (and yes, there’s a union for Handywomen, too). With a nod to the graphic design of vintage emblems for long-standing organizations like the Moose Lodge and […]

By SUDINmag | Tweet ROBERT  KIRSCHBAUM The 42-Letter Name APRIL 4 – JUNE 17 Opening Reception Thursday April 7 6:00 to 8:00PM MELVILLE HOUSE GALLERY 145 Plymouth Street Brooklyn, New York 718.722.9204 [email protected]

By SUDINmag | Tweet Ketuv is an organization established by artists Arielle Angel and Maya Joseph-Goteiner in an effort to re-imagine the traditional ketubah (a Jewish marriage contract, signed at the wedding to unite a couple by law) and establish a new market for contemporary artists to create revenue. Ketuv is equally committed to providing […]

By SUDINmag | Tweet Cutout Judaica Design by Ken Goldman Just download and cutout and you can have your own G-d is in the details torah cursor! download the TORAH Yad pdf Check out more at

Over two hundred Jewish presenters gathered at the City Winery in New York on January 11-12 to network and celebrate Jewish culture. One of the main discussions centered around branding Jewish culture: organizers of four successful international Jewish cultural festivals discussed their unique strategies and dilemmas. Even though festival organizers think visual representation is key, there is a growing need to connect with visual artists, who truly understand the concept of their project and are able to bring Jewish concepts to mainstream audiences.

By Be’chol Lashon | By Pratt Gateway | Tweet Awards of $1,000 in the categories of Children’s Books, Print Media, Film, and New Media. Submit via the Entry Form for art or Nominate someone else for writing! NO FEE Deadline January 31, 2011 Questions: Email [email protected] or call 415-386-7900