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Eli Valley was recently noted on The Big Jewcy list for his graphic novel interpretations of Jewish culture. Jon Reiss writes, “As Jews, we are to question and challenge ourselves.  To some degree this doctrine is the cornerstone of comic writer Eli Valley’s work.  Valley’s work exists in a world all its own, a far cry […]

By SUDINmag The Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS) presents Volumes II, an exhibition by JTS artists in residence that is now open at the JTS library in New York. From books to fabric sculptures, graphic novel illustrations, and cereal box aprons (!?), this second exhibition of work by JTS artists in residence is as diverse as […]

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By SUDINmag | Tweet Now on view through April 29th, 2011 at the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue Drawing On Tradition: The Book of Esther Original drawings from Megillat Esther by JT Waldman