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Venue: Brooklyn Jewish Art Gallery @ CKI, 603 St. Johns Place, Brooklyn, NY. More info on the gallery here. Theme: Passover and the Consequences of Freedom. Maximum dimensions: 48 x 48, ready to hang, all media, but not 3-D. Curator: Richard McBee. Co-sponsored by the Brooklyn Jewish Art Gallery @CKI and the Jewish Art Salon. […]

On view December 1, 2015 – April 1, 2016 Exhibit Curated for the PMJA by Wendi Furman Opening Reception: Thursday, December 3, 5:30-7pm. Artist Talk 6pm. About the Exhibition For the last thirty years I have been living and creating art in Israel. My work is influenced by the challenges of being at the same […]

Almost 200 pieces of art will be on display from Will Deutsch, Corrie Siegel and Hillel Smith! And while this isn’t happening at the official NCJW thrift store, we’re paying homage by creating a pop up thrift store right in the venue! That’s right! You’ll be able to purchase previously loved goods and art prints […]

With Executive Director, Ram Ozeri Hosted by Jewish Art Now & The JCC in Manhattan. Co-sponsored by Jewish Art Salon and Creative Soul. Introducing the Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art 2015 Open Call for artists and curators. Find out about BIENNALE2015, meet the executive director Ram Ozeri, network with potential collaborators, and have a […]

Artist profile by Yehudis Barmatz. Motta Brim: Born in Jerusalem, 1959. Lives and works in Beitar Illit. The life of a Hassidic man, family and community oriented, is quite domestic. Often this is overlooked by the world at large. But this introverted reflection and domesticity inspired Motta Brim’s new and original works in a recent […]

The Creative Soul Opens in Brooklyn By Sara Trappler-Spielman for the Wall Street Journal On a recent Thursday evening, a group of Hasidic women gathered for an unusual celebration. They sang traditional melodies and talked about attaining freedom through mystical teachings, all to the beat of African drums inside a gallery located in Crown Heights—far […]

Jo-El / Jore-El Superheros, Autobiography, & Religion The Art of Joel Silverstein Opening Sunday March 23, 2014 3:00-5:30pm Artist Talk at 4:30pm Hadas Gallery – Rohr Center Pratt Institute 541 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205 Phone 718 866 6815 Open by Appointment Jo-El/ Jore-El: Superheroes, Autobiography & Religion The Art of Joel Silverstein March 23- […]

The Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art provides a stage for the creative forces that are active today and relate, in one way or another, to the Jewish world of content. Once every two years, all those interested in art, Judaism or both, will gather from around the world to enjoy a wide range of […]

by Leah Caroline Libi bamizrach vaanochi bsof maarav. “My heart is in the East, and I am at the ends of the West.” Yehuda Halevi (c. 1141) We are a people of memories; standing in one place and time, remembering another. We walk, we move- without and within ourselves. Jew York, showing at Untitled and […]