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The story “Anatomy of Tzedakah” depicts the life of a Sjnoderbook, transformed into a magic, self- consuming hand disguised as a glove, representing the Rambam’s Eight Levels of Tzedakah. The selfless, self-devouring, self-regenerating hand, the magic hand that reaches its heart and disappears. View this new work from the Israeli-born, Dutch artist Billha Zussman:

British-born, Israeli-based photographer Toby Cohen is fundraising for his new project MosesTen, which seeks to recreate major moments from the life of the biblical leader Moses and the Jewish people’s desert journey. He recently told The Jerusalem Post, “There are large numbers of people in Israel who study the words of the Torah all day […]

After over a year of work, animator Nina Paley has finished the stunning “embroidermotion” of Chad Gadya as an intermission piece for her still in production feature length Seder-Masochism project. The exhaustive process used newly developed software by Theodore Gray to bring it to life, which you can read about in detail here. Every frame […]

Indian-American Jewish Painter Siona Benjamin just posted a time lapse of the tile floor she designed being installed at the Central Reform Congregation in St. Louis, Missouri. Benjamin had worked for a year on a painting that would be transferred to ceramic tile and installed. The fifteen foot in diameter artwork takes us through the […]

Jewish Art Now founders Elke and Saul Sudin presented “Jewish Art Now: Unifying Efforts For A Global Community” at the Conney Conference on Jewish Art 2015. In this presentation, they describe their journey in the contemporary arts scene, claiming what they call a Diverse Unapologetic Identity as their approach to being Jewish and Artists. The […]

Nina Paley, animator and activist behind Sita Sings The Blues, has been working on her new project Seder Masochism since 2011. She has just released a new work in progress scene, “G0d Calls Moses To Mt. Horeb”. God Calls Moses to Mt. Horeb from Nina Paley on Vimeo.

As contemporary artists we constantly strike a balance between what is new and what our influences are. What is it then to approach a lost piece of art, which may have been essential to the heritage you hold dear, and make something new from it? In 2011, three organizations—the Museum of the History of Polish […]

Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Noah’ has long promised a big budget, blockbuster take on the biblical narrative. And the director has spoken of incorporating Midrash and Rabbinic commentaries into a truer representation of the material. He told The Playlist, immediately after production wrapped, “In the Bible the story is only a couple of pages, and the perception […]

Faces: Weaving Indian Jewish Narratives by Siona Benjamin from gregory wendt on Vimeo. Accomplished painter and Fulbright scholar Siona Benjamin was given the opportunity to further explore her Jewish and Indian roots this year, culminating in an exhibition now on view in Mumbai. Says the artist, “The Fulbright experience has transformed my research, art and […]

Rome-born photojournalist Federica Valabrega has spent the last several years traveling the world photographing the unseen side of Orthodox women’s lives for her series Bat Melech (Daughters of the King). As she winds down her time in New York, Jewish News One caught up with her for a filmed interview where she discusses the project, […]