‘Chassidim of Color’ group exhibition in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

12 Oct

Chassidim for the most part are stereotyped and known for their full length dark dress and furry hats, not exactly canvases of color, but ‘Pop Art Rabbi’ and artist Rabbi Yitzchok Moully wants to change that.

On display from October 16 through 19 at 368 Kingston Ave in Crown Heights,  Brooklyn, ‘Chassidim of Color’ will showcase the growing number of Chassidic artists who might dress in traditional colors but who paint in vibrant hues.

Works by curator Yitzchok Moully

Art is not traditionally taught in Chassidic institutions, but there is a growing appreciation for its need in the community. The Chabad Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Shneersonn encouraged people to use their natural talents to enhance and further the Torah’s teachings, and is quoted as being a supporter of the artist’s ability to create.

“This month from October 16- through 19 I plan to continue the Rebbe’s message of using color as a vehicle for sharing the importance of Judaism to the streets of Crown Heighs” says the show organizer, Rabbi Yitzchok Moully.

During the week long Jewish holiday of Sukkot, the streets of Crown Heights in Brooklyn come alive with dancing from evening till morning, celebrating the connection to G-D achieved on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.

Chassidic masters taught, “you can accomplish with simcha (joy) on Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah that which you can accomplish with tears on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.”

The show will take place right nearby the week-long festivities in Crown Heights, along Kingston Avenue. This gives people the opportunity to step from the conservatively dressed streets to a gallery of color. The show’s organizers hope that the exhibition will encourage individuals to the great importance of color and art even in the Chassidic community, and maybe even a little instruction how to do it.

The press is invited to the show’s opening night, October 16 from 8pm at 368 Kingston Ave, Brooklyn.

Presented by Jewish Pop Art . For more information contact Moully, www.MoullyArt.com, 908-448-1417If you are a Chabad Chassidic artist and would like to get,  view the call for entries for more information.

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