Hadassah Magazine: Web Sighting

“Husband and wife team Elke Reva and Saul Sudin conceived of the site as “a central portal for the convergence of Judaism and contemporary art” that includes artists from the full spectrum of Judaic expression—ultra-Orthodox to secular—working in a variety of media.”

The New York Times: The Orthodox Fringe

“[Elke’s] husband, Saul, 29, became a co-producer of “Punk Jews.” Together the two started Jewish Art Now, a Web site that provides its own cultural remix.”

The Forward: Hasidic Art Show Takes Off in Crown Heights

“The past few weeks witnessed a burst of performances and creativity in the community while exploring the identity of Jewish art. Along with initiatives such as Jewish Art Now, ATARA – The Association for Torah & the Arts, 24/6: A Jewish Theater Company and Facebook groups focused on Hasidic creativity, The Creative Soul has helped create a group of men and women who are embracing creative expression and experimental art in a Hasidic community that is slowly accepting more contemporary art.”

Jewish Press: Pure Joy

“Elke Reva Sudin, co-founder of Jewish Art Now believes that definitions are helpful to creating dialogue and sustaining innovation. “When you set parameters, it allows for more creativity within those parameters,” says Sudin. “Most people don’t even know what the possibilities are.””

Jspace: Featured .Org – Jewish Art Now

““We were both art students and involved in Jewish life on campus,” she said. “As we learned more about Jewish artists, we wondered, ‘Why don’t we know about these things?’”

At Jewish Art Now, that disconnect no longer exists. Part social media, part social outreach, the group works on a local, national and global level to promote events, highlight emerging artists and get the word out to an online community. And when Elke and Saul take on a project, they fully commit.

“We like having a personal relationship with the artists,” Elke added, “being a bridge between the artist and the community.””

EJewishPhilanthropy: Jewish Art Brought Down to Earth at Sky Gallery

“Perched atop a residential skyscraper in New York City, twelve emerging artists from across the Judeo-religious and geographic landscape shared their work in an engaging event presented by Jewish Art Now and Bridging the Gap.”

The Jewish Exponent: South Philly Synagogue Opens Doors to Cutting-Edge Contemporary Art

“According to Saul Sudin, postmodern art introduced something negative to art, which mocked those who might finding meaning in artistic endeavors. But in reference to the work his wife was displaying, he described it as “proud Jewish art that can look towards the future.”

Press for Jewish Art Now’s founding initiative, SUDINmagazine.

Elke and Saul talking on Radio Sefarad in Madrid, Spain (English Corner)

Listen to the entire 25 minute interview with Saul and Elke Sudin on Radio Sefarad’s English Corner, originally broadcast October 27th in Madrid, Spain. Topics range from “What does the term ‘Jewish art’ mean?” to “Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Ingrourious Basterds’ versus Joel & Ethan Coen’s ‘A Serious Man'”.

Listen here for Radio Sefarad’s interview

Jewlicious: Uniting Jewish Art: SUDINmagazine

…published alongside the yearly print book will be a website with “more constantly updated material, like a central place that’s not affiliated or discriminatory,”
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LA Blueprint: SUDINmagazine Debut

Their mission: to define a 21st-century Jewish identity through creative means. The agents: husband and wife duo Saul Sudin and Elke Reva.
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