Scroll Inspired Art – Call for Entries

11 Nov

This exhibition caught our eye as being engaging to a large audience, yet connecting to the scroll format which the Jewish people have held on to, true and true, with the holy Torah text, for millenia.


Scroll Bowl V has an exciting update! We’ve been given the opportunity to hold week long show at Frost Street Art Space in Williamsburg, an exciting new gallery and screening venue that provides live online streaming of events! Unfortunately this means the January 22nd show will not take place and instead has moved to April 2nd-10th at 17 Frost Street. It will be hosted by artist John Jennison and the opening night will feature several performances and presentations of different sort of scrolls.

This event with kick off the launch of The 22 Magazine, an online arts and literary magazine that culminates in a series of salon style shows and events.

What this means for artists?
More time to get your amazing scrolls in and great exposure of your work!

We’ve gotten a big response so far and we’re excited to make this the most
terrific scroll bowl thus far so keep those scrolls coming!

About Frost Street:

Scroll Bowl
V will be presented by The 22 Magazine as part of the premier issue launch party. It will take place on April 2nd-10th 2011 at Frost Street Art Space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The Deadline for submission is March 16th 2011.

HOW TO SUBMIT: All submissions (in the form of images or links) can be sent to [email protected] PUT “SCROLL BOWL SUBMISSION” IN THE SUBJECT LINE.

…About Scroll Bowl:Harnessing the ancient power of scroll storytelling, some of the world’s finest creators gather to show off their work on large and small rolls of parchment. We seek traditional
scrolls or modern interpretations of scrolls and/or artwork that comments on the idea of scrolls or
utilize the elements of scrolls in some way. This can include anything from actual paper scrolls to scrolling on a computer or video work. There are many different ways to approach art on scrolls and we ask artists to push those limits – linear storytelling to abstract ideas. Larger format works are shown on our huge “Scrollie Viewer (seen in the youtube videos)” but we also appreciate smaller format or long scrolls that hang on the wall. Solo, group collaborations, video or performance pieces are acceptable. Artists in any location are welcome to submit.
Although we cannot fund anyone’s travel expenses we will be happy to present your scroll for you.

You can view some past scrolls here:

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