Teaching through art—’Sacred Intentions’ book release

16 Nov

Marlene Burns, abstract expressionist artist, has just published her first book, called Sacred Intention.

This art book is a compilation of nearly two years of painting expressions of Hebrew prayers, psalms, proverbs and holidays. Because Marlene is also a Hebrew educator, her preparation for each painting included chanting or singing specific words and studying commentary and midrashim relating to the piece chosen. She has named this series sacred intention, because she paints these expressions with the same kavanah with which she prays. Each painting is accompanied by a text which includes the translation and the artist’s interpretation The combination of image and text becomes a teaching at many levels.

Publishing a book was a natural outgrowth of her two passions for Judaism and for painting.
In her own words,” Merging my two passions, was the perfect blend!”

The coffee table sized art book is 12”x12”, offering 18 full paged images and accompanying teachings.
Sacred Intention is available to preview and order at www.KavanahPress.com

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