Why Is This Haggadah Different from All Other Haggadot?

2 Apr

By Ellen Shapiro for PrintMag

“If I touch the letters, I think and I hope that people will be touched by them.”

So said Israeli graphic and type designer Oded Ezer yesterday in a 1.5 hour Skype interview with me about The New American Haggadah, published this month by Little, Brown and Company.

Hundreds, maybe thousands, of haggadot  — books containing the Exodus story and the service for the Passover meal, the seder — have been published over the last two millennia, each in its own way expressing the culture of every country where Jews have lived, the point of view of every stream of Judaism, and every political, artistic and social bent (in recent decades: feminist, for children, GLBT, for those with only half an hour to spare, etc.).

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