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25 Nov

Jewish Art Now Fundraising Campaign for Programs in 2013.


Jewish art is progressing because of supporters like you!

The Jewish Art Now 2013 campaign seeks to raise $5,000 for the coming year. All contributions will go towards program expenses and administrative overhead providing opportunities for artists and art appreciators to converge online and in person. Help us and support the continuation of exciting gallery events, as well as news, resources, and opportunities for artists in New York and around the world. Find out more about what we have been up to at

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Giving Levels

$10.00 / Every dollar counts!
$25.00 / Show your love for contemporary Jewish art!
$50.00 / Sponsor an article for our website
$75.00 / Support an artist community meetup
$100.00 / Get a set of Jewnion Label Coasters!
$100.00 / Sponsor one Jewish study session geared to artists
$125.00 / Keep us online!  
$150.00 / Give an emerging artist a leg up! 
$225.00 / Women’s Apparel Gift
$250.00 / Sponsor an artist talk 
$500.00 / Help us produce original Jewish art video content $750.00 / Sponsor an interactive art event 
$1,000.00 / Sponsor an Art Shabbaton  
$1,500.00 / Sponsor studio equipment for artists to share
$2,500.00 / Sponsor 6 months of Jewish Art Now shared studio space for emerging artists.

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