Rooted: The Ecological Duality of Nature and Jewish Identity

7 Oct


ABOUT THE EXHIBITION | Rooted explores the dual role of art embedded in the environment and in Jewish identity. Co-sponsored by the Jewish Art Salon and Manny Cantor Center, Rooted highlights the complex and deeply rooted relationships featured artists have to the changing natural environment and to Jewish culture. This group exhibition invites art enthusiasts, environmental activists, and the wider community to experience the artwork in the galleries and contemplate their own roots.

Providing in-depth Jewish learning, community engagement, and artist studio experience, Art Kibbutz’s residency programs helped participating artists deepen their own complex relationship to the environment and their Jewish heritage.

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS | Photography by Helène Aylon, Shay Arick (Israel), Leah Caroline, Larry Frankel, Ken Goldman (Israel), Gil Lavi (Israel), Paul R. Solomon; digital mixed media with augmented reality by Cynthia Beth Rubin; paintings by Tobi Kahn and Shira Toren (Israel); and sculptural and site-specific installations by Hila Amram (Israel), Jackie Brookner, Stephanie Osin Cohen, Filipe Cortez (Portugal), Susan Hoffman Fishman and Elena Kalman, Elisa Pritzker, Deanna Sirlin, and Renata Stein

Curated by Aimee Rubensteen with Curatorial Assistant Yona Verwer.


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