Extended List

Hands-On Workshops

Jewish Journaling. Participants fill a sketchbook with images and text reflecting on their identity and where they would like to go in life. Cover is created through fun block printing technique. Inspiration and reference materials are provided.

We Are Patriarchs, Who Are You? Using photocopies of images of artworks from the series “We Are Patriarchs,” collage together images, marking, and textures, to create a unique self-portrait identifying with a biblical character or archtype.

Beyond the Book. Create your own traditional and “boundless” forms of book-making. Includes binding, and designing content structure. Reclaim the book, the scroll, and the language of our people by utilizing new structures with new ideas.

Cycles of the Moon. Explore repetitions in Judaism through an exploration of the calendar, and expressing the similarity and subtle changes through block printing techniques.

New Symbols. Develop new Jewish iconography through looking at old symbols and the bare elements that make them memorable.

Judaism with Japanese Calligraphy. Learn to write Hebrew words and symbols for Jewish concepts in Japanese calligraphy. Must be willing to work patiently and concentrate on slow movements.

Life Drawing Meditation. Join in a meditative life drawing session to calm the mind and see subjects as they actually are, not how we perceive them.


Interactive Art Parties

Mixed & match to create a multi-media experience

Live Art Battle. Two artists go head-to-head creating a finished work in front of an audience. Participants get an
inside look at the creative process. A stop motion video records the competition traces the evening’s progress.

8th Day Art House:
Fine Art//Fine Food//Music//Mingling + The Jewish Art Now Pop-up Shop
Join an evening of fine art, fine food, music, and mingling with local artists presenting their work and recent projects, and an interactive art session to let your inner creative out! Items from the Jewish Art Now Pop-up shop are available.

Collaborative Painting. Create a spirit of collaboration and expression with a collaborative mural or large painting.

Event Punchcard. Gain points for different activities that help your community and engage with the local art. Cards can be redeemed for prizes.

Responsive Photo Booth.
Participants express their response to a question in creative ways. The resulting photos are uploaded to the event’s website/social media. Variation: Wall with text and everyone fills in their answer. “Art is…” “I am inspired by…” “Religion is…” “Sometimes I imagine…”

Cross Cultural Collabs. Partner with another religious/cultural organization to share artists and audiences. Work around a subject that is applicable to both parties for an engaging cross cultural exchange.


Creative Learning

Art History Gaming. Play off of art historical references. Collage images from art history. Learn about formal elements of art and learn how to apply them in an original art project.

Studio Aggadah card game. Join an interactive brainstorming session where participants are given cards with Jewish and art terms to be used as a visual commentary on an idea. The challenge is to find ways to connect the ideas together with creativity and live research. The final idea map is presented and photographed.

The Kabbalah of Art. Learn about the relationship between Jewish concepts and formal art elements. Use examples of these elements from artists in your exhibition.

Creator and Creation. How do we draw upon our own creator for the way we create? What is the meaning of man as created in G-d’s image? This session goes in depth on the creative process as laid out in the book of Genesis and elaborates on ways we all can connect to it.


Pop-Up Gallery

Present your community with a unique exhibit
of the best in contemporary Jewish art.

Traditional exhibition. An exhibition of visual art at a gallery with a standing reputation. Tip: Invite guest curators from outside the Jewish community to help tap into the local art community and gain a unique perspective on Jewish artists and familiar themes.

Non-Traditional exhibition. Use a raw space, an empty storefront, or unused outdoor area, and create an exhibition of visual artwork. This type of exhibition is good for reinventing your identity, and reaching curious audiences.

Prints & Art Objects. Affordable art in prints and unique objects.

Immersive add-ons. Accompany each artifact in the exhibition with a short film, audio, or hands-on exercise.

More than a gallery guide. Create an interactive ebook that gives your visitors a deeper look at your exhibit with media rich content.

Creating Sacred Space. Create an immersive installation that transforms an indoor or outdoor setting. This can be a structure you walk through, can be situated indoors or outdoors.