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How to Write (for JewishArtNow)

JewishArtNow’s articles and posts fall into seven main categories:

1)      Call for entries (ex., artist opportunities, inviting artists to submit work to an exhibition)

2)      Events (ex., announcing upcoming exhibitions or other programming)

3)      Reviews (ex., Jewish art exhibitions, art exhibitions written with a Jewish perspective)

4)      Featured Artist (ex., Interviews, write up on solo work that isn’t being exhibited)

5)      Inspiration / Editorial ( ex., Parsha inspired content, personal views)

6)      News (ex., what’s new in the jewish art world)

7)      Resources (ex., lists or contacts for artists to broaden themselves)

A few basic notes when writing for JewishArtNow:

1)      Always use an objective perspective. We care deeply for being respectful to the many forms of Judaism and art.

2)      Use strong arguments that follow through on your thesis.

3)      Be aware the audience isn’t psychic – use detail to paint a descriptive picture and always clearly introduce concepts that may be outside the vernacular of the layman.

4)      Use accompanying imagery that supports your thesis.

5)      Always give the source for quotes and imagery, especially when reposting an article from elsewhere.

6)      Standard posts should have a word count between 500-1,000 words.

Additional notes and guidelines can be found at http://styleguide.yahoo.com/writing