Blue Like Me: A Documentary Film About Siona Benjamin

24 Jun

bluelikeme Blue Like Me: The Art of Siona Benjamin is a documentary film about an extraordinary artist with a fascinating back-story: Siona is a Jew raised in India, educated by nuns and Zoroastrian teachers, and brought up alongside Hindu, Christian and Muslim neighbors. Her art expresses universal issues–feminism, race, a sense of home, and one’s identity—that resonate within each of us.
Here is the catch to make this film possible:

The clock is ticking on a 45-day challenge to raise $20,000 for production in India this fall and they need your help. Any amount counts even $1.00. Donating will also help to keep you updated on the progress of the project through their Kickstarter page. They are offering some excellent prizes including Siona’s art as appreciation for your donations. Donate now at this link.

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