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The second Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art (September 24 – November 5) will showcase the work of nearly 200 Israeli and international professional artists in 10 exhibitions hosted in seven city-center venues. Following the success of the inaugural Jerusalem Biennale in 2013, Biennale2015 will continue to explore the places where contemporary art meets the […]

The JTS Arts Advisory Board Presents Traversing Tradition: Transformation in and of Contemporary Jewish Life Exhibition Curator: Rebecca Pristoop Participating Artists: Tamar Ettun | Jake Levin | Angela Strassheim | Silvio Wolf | Gil Yefman | Sarah Zell Young September 10, 2015, through May 19, 2016 3080 Broadway (at 122nd Street) New York City Traversing […]

Israeli based Jewish Art Salon fellows, including Dorit Jordan Dotan, Ruth Schreiber, Ken Goldman, Judith Margolis, Yehudis Barmatz, and Gidon Levin, are participating in “Ima Iyla’a: the Art of Motherhood,” a bold, breakthrough art exhibit on the divine and earthly Mother taking part in the Jerusalem Biennale 2015. American Participating Artists include Joan Roth and […]

Blue Like Me: The Art of Siona Benjamin is a documentary film about an extraordinary artist with a fascinating back-story: Siona is a Jew raised in India, educated by nuns and Zoroastrian teachers, and brought up alongside Hindu, Christian and Muslim neighbors. Her art expresses universal issues–feminism, race, a sense of home, and one’s identity—that […]

By Saul Sudin Rama Burshtein’s Fill The Void (Lemale et ha’halal) is the second film in as many years to emerge from Israel with not only a strong international presence, but a unique perspective on religious Judaism. Just as Footnote before it, this was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards after […]

Central exhibition for the year 2012 at The Mishkan Le’Omanut, Museum of Art, Ein Harod Matronita:Jewish Feminist Art Opening: Friday, 11:00 a.m. January 27, 2012 Curators: Dvora Liss and David Sperber For the first time in Israel a museum has organized a major exhibition of Jewish feminist art by women who come from a traditional […]

History and Theory, Bezalel // Issue No. 22 – On the Sensual in Art, September 2011 By David Sperber In the early seventies, feminist artists were interested in menstrual blood as part of a visual language dealing with bodily emissions. Contemporary Jewish art continues this interest by engaging with the Jewish laws of “Nidda” – […]

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By Chava Evans | Tweet “Women of the Book” is an exhibition of books by Jewish women at the Park School, a private preparatory school outside of Baltimore. At first glance, the show is a bit of a puzzle. What is a fairly major show of Jewish art doing in a non-Jewish school ten minutes […]

Moving Talmudic Murals

17, Feb 2011

By Eszter Margit | Tweet The Sota Project by Ofri Cnaani The image of two beautiful Israeli women kissing, the emblem of Ofri Cnaani’s Sota Project, is certainly an attention grabber. But the exhibition that opened yesterday at the Kunsthalle Galapagos has so much more to offer than a LGBT-friendly, feminist sisterhood interpretation of a […]