Help Support “Ima Iyla’a: The Art of Motherhood”

6 Sep


Israeli based Jewish Art Salon fellows, including Dorit Jordan Dotan, Ruth Schreiber, Ken Goldman, Judith Margolis, Yehudis Barmatz, and Gidon Levin, are participating in “Ima Iyla’a: the Art of Motherhood,” a bold, breakthrough art exhibit on the divine and earthly Mother taking part in the Jerusalem Biennale 2015.

American Participating Artists include Joan Roth and Doni Silver Simons.

“How does the Kabbalistic concept of Mother (Ima Iyla’a) find expression in our world through human wisdom, empathy, and nurturing?” Internationally acclaimed artists ask existential questions that expand the conversation on art and motherhood, and explore the yearning, pain, and loss that accompanies the quest of mother and child.

Help support the artists’ installations and promotion of the exhibit in the orthodox community by contributing to the exhibit’s indiegogo campaign. Every Contribution brings the exhibit closer to their goal!

A contribution of 60$ and up reserves 2 spaces to experience the art of “presence” in the exclusive premiere of Alana Ruben Free’s participatory performance Presence=Present inside a David Gerstein Sculpture.

Curator: Nurit Sirkis Bank, Co-curator Noa Leah Cohen, Exhibition Consultants: Alana Ruben Free & Yehudis Barmatz

Opening on September 30, with an Artist-Talk by Joan Roth, and Film-Talk by Film Maker and Artist Maya Zack, and the filming of her work “Mother Economy.”

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