“MosesTen” Photography from Toby Cohen

8 Oct


British-born, Israeli-based photographer Toby Cohen is fundraising for his new project MosesTen, which seeks to recreate major moments from the life of the biblical leader Moses and the Jewish people’s desert journey.

He recently told The Jerusalem Post, “There are large numbers of people in Israel who study the words of the Torah all day long, but many people find it difficult to interpret those words, or don’t find the text interesting. “If I can turn those words into pictures, if I can bring the Bible to life and bring these stories to life then that’s a very positive thing, and maybe my picture will serve as a starting point for people to explore the Torah.”

The inspiration for the project says Cohen is his “obsession” with the varied landscapes of Israel.

“I’m always looking for the connection to our land, today, and the stories that tie us to it,” he said. “By creating these images in the Land of Israel today, and tying them to the stories that make up our cultural identity, I’m trying to reaffirm that bond between the Israelite people and the Land of Israel in a visual manner.”

View a behind-the-scenes video about the entire project below and help support his Indiegogo campaign here.

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