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Novelist’s journey back to his Jewish heritage inspires movie based on hassidic legend’s teachings, featuring Israeli star Yehuda Barkan. This article originally appeared in Arutz Sheva. Novelist Tzvi Fishman has discovered a new way of doing t’shuva (repentance) during this High Holiday season. He’s making a movie. The Rambam (Maimonides) writes that to do complete […]

Kol HaOt presents a moving exhibit on “Peace” featuring noted artists such as Andi Arnovitz, Sharon Binder, Izzy Pludwinski, Ruth Schreiber, David Moss, Ken Goldman, and many others. Sunday October 12 & Monday October 13, 4pm – 9pm Ahim Hasid Complex 45 Emek Refraim, German Colony, Jerusalem, Israel. Also featuring: • Guided tours of the […]

With Executive Director, Ram Ozeri Hosted by Jewish Art Now & The JCC in Manhattan. Co-sponsored by Jewish Art Salon and Creative Soul. Introducing the Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art 2015 Open Call for artists and curators. Find out about BIENNALE2015, meet the executive director Ram Ozeri, network with potential collaborators, and have a […]

Artist profile by Yehudis Barmatz. Motta Brim: Born in Jerusalem, 1959. Lives and works in Beitar Illit. The life of a Hassidic man, family and community oriented, is quite domestic. Often this is overlooked by the world at large. But this introverted reflection and domesticity inspired Motta Brim’s new and original works in a recent […]

Did you donate to the Samurai Jew fundraising campaign we posted about? Well they made the animation! It is fun and funny and good to see an animation like you would on TV but with hilarious and knowledgable Jewish characters.

Has the secular Israeli public’s growing interest in Jewish sources trickled down into the art scene? A new exhibition in Tel Aviv tackles the question. By Eitan Buganim | Haaretz What effect has the resurgent spirit of Judaism and Jewish studies being offered by pluralistic organizations in Israel had on the art scene in this […]

Wish there were more Jewish content animations? Welcome Samurai Jew! The Jewish answer to Samurai Jack Samurai Jew was created by Nadav Nachmany, an animator and filmmaker from Jerusalem who holds his degree from Bezalel art academy in Jerusalem. Nachmany graduated from Betzalel six years ago and became interested in Judaism around that time. His […]

by Yehudis Barmatz-Harris What is it about the Hebrew lettering, and its written word, that makes it so dominant in Jewish mystical/abstract art today? In a parallel vein to artist Mel Alexenberg, who proclaims post digital art requires the inspiration of creative Judaic thinking, painter David Baruch Wolk believes that contemporary abstract painting has true […]

Now on view at the Museum in Ein Harod Yonah Lavery-Yisraeli and Dvora Liss