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By Beth Sarafraz for the Jewish Press Ani ma’amin b’emuna shelema be’viat hamashiach, Vi’af al pi sheyit’mame’ha im kol zeh achakeh lo bechol yom sheyavo. I believe with perfect faith in the coming of the Messiah; and even though he may delay, I will await him every day. –12th Principle of Faith, from Rambam’s Shloshah-Asar […]

CONSTRUCTING AND DECONSTRUCTING JEWISH ART is a three day conference covering many aspects of Jewish Visual Art from September 7th – 10th, 2015. Sessions include: “Expanding the Methodological Toolbox: Modern and Contemporary Contexts”, “The “Artless Jew” Discourse” and more. Get more information and view the full program at With fundamental shifts in culture, art […]

Jewish Art Now founders Elke and Saul Sudin presented “Jewish Art Now: Unifying Efforts For A Global Community” at the Conney Conference on Jewish Art 2015. In this presentation, they describe their journey in the contemporary arts scene, claiming what they call a Diverse Unapologetic Identity as their approach to being Jewish and Artists. The […]

It is always an interesting experiment to go to Art Basel in Miami with the intent of discovering contemporary Jewish art.

As contemporary artists we constantly strike a balance between what is new and what our influences are. What is it then to approach a lost piece of art, which may have been essential to the heritage you hold dear, and make something new from it? In 2011, three organizations—the Museum of the History of Polish […]

By Ben Schachter I recently read On the Strange Place of Religion in Contemporary Art by James Elkins. In it he defines Art using the institutional theory of art made famous by Dickie. The Institutional Theory of art holds that the art market contributes not only to the notion of what is good or valuable […]

“Fractured Epics: History Painting and Imaginary Portraits” by Joel Silverstein filmed at The Columbia/ Barnard Kraft Center for Jewish Student Life. This exhibition is on display through January 27th. Special thanks to the Jewish Art Salon, especially Yona Verwer and Richard McBee for their vital roles in creating this exhibition and presentation.

Derfner Judaica Museum + The Art Collection at The Hebrew Home at Riverdale 5901 Palisade Avenue (at West 261st Street) Bronx, NY  10471 Join Richard McBee for any or all of this series of classes on Jewish art history. Thursdays Jan 5, Jan 12,  Jan 19,  Jan 26, 2012, at 2:30 pm. “Murals, Mosaics, and Manuscript Illumination (250 CE to […]

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Silent Witnesses: Migration stories through Synagogues Transformed, Rebuilt, or Left Behind February or March 2012 in the Metro Detroit area cosponsored by the: Cultural Heritage Artists Project Jewish Art Salon JWalks: Retracing Jewish Heritage The Cultural Heritage Artists Project, JWalks, and the Jewish Art Salon invite artists working in all media to apply for participation in […]

Israeli and Jewish ART – Study Tour: July 19 – 28, 2011 At the end of the 19th century there were only a handful of Jewish artists – a prominent minority that stands out in contrast to the thriving world of Hebrew literature. One reason for this was the prohibition on Jews being accepted to […]