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Founded in 2011, Be-Share-Et (pronounced Be-sheert) is a leather accessories collection which combines spirituality and high fashion. These products take their inspiration from Tefillin, the ritual leather straps and boxes traditionally worn in Judaism for morning prayers. For centuries Jews have adorned themselves with holy blessings using leather straps when praying. The ancient ritual has […]

by Elke Reva Sudin This weekend, a retrospective of the works of Gary Baseman titled The Door Is Always Open, opened, at the Skirball Cultural Center. ‘Door’ recreates the artists’ childhood home filled with famous Baseman characters and Jewish subjects peppered about. Gary Baseman’s characters seated at a Shabbat Table. Baseman has had a long […]

An informal Salon evening where artists can share their work in a friendly atmosphere and receive feedback. Salon Evenings: April 21 and May 19, 2013 7:30-9:30pm 542 W 112th St, Apt 4K New York, NY RSVP by April 14: [email protected] Friends are extremely welcome, and anyone who is interested in coming as a participant or […]

Hanukkah Electronica

28, Nov 2012

Hanukkah Electronica is an elegant designer-made Menorah for the Festival of Lights. It’s miniaturized modern styling makes it looks like a pocket-sized work of art. It not only travels easily to dorms, offices, and around the house, but its LED candellight is designed to mesmerize. Pick the number of “candles” you want to burn each […]

With honey on the mind as Rosh Hashanah quickly approaches, check out this innovative Hive Honey Set from Biodidactic Designs. The jars from this New York based designer come in both clear and frosted glass, and are shaped like a single honeycomb resting at a diagonal. The hive honey set is “informed by the complexities […]

By Ellen Shapiro for PrintMag “If I touch the letters, I think and I hope that people will be touched by them.” So said Israeli graphic and type designer Oded Ezer yesterday in a 1.5 hour Skype interview with me about The New American Haggadah, published this month by Little, Brown and Company. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of haggadot  — books containing […]

Matzo and Modern Art

2, Apr 2012

From a Jonathan Adler Seder plate to a mezuzah that evokes the parting of the Red Sea, high-design Passover tchotchkes for your home By Stephanie Butnick for Tablet Laura Cowan’s magnetic matzo plate. (Laura Cowan) It’s not very often you see a mezuzah that stops you in your tracks. But Tamara Connolly has done just […] invites Jewish artists of any medium to share their work in the world’s largest online, collaborative Haggadah. To submit, visit and create an account. Upload any Passover-related artwork, writings or even audio / video files. Contributors may also include a bio, photo, and links to their personal websites.

DIY menorah design by Ken Goldman List of Materials: “Altoids” tin 4.5 x1/2 inch strip of tin ( any thin metal will work :a piece of an old can,even a thick piece of tooling copper can work in a pinch) 2.5×1/2

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By Karen Chernick for Green Prophert Can’t find your old Hannukah menorah? Israeli designers come up with clever alternatives. With the Jewish Hannukah holiday only a few weeks away, many Jews in the Middle East and elsewhere are anxiously waiting to eat sufganiot (jelly doughnuts) and searching their closets and cupboards for their Hannukah menorahs.  […]

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