It’s become a tradition: every year, a group of more than 40 Israeli artists comes together and creates a new haggadah. They follow only two rules:

1) Each artist creates only a single page
2) The artists must use the standard Haggadah text

The result? A volume that entertains and surprises every time you turn the page, no matter how late your Seder goes. The Asufa Haggadah is a great conversation starter and a perfect gift for you or your host.

Now, for the first time, that haggadah is available in North America, exclusively through Print-O-Craft for only $25.00 (Free shipping on all orders $45+).

For large orders, email [email protected] for special pricing.

Check out some sample pages below:
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Jacqueline Nicholls in SFThe Arts of Jacqueline Nicholls: Time, Text & Textiles

On exhibit in the Katz Snyder Gallery
Mid March – June 2015
British artist Jacqueline Nicholls uses her art to explore traditional Jewish ideas in untraditional ways. The exhibition will be comprised of the kittel collection, Nicholls’ interpretation of the different ways that clothing is used as a vehicle for meaning and identity within Jewish tradition; omer drawings, exploring what it means to take into account the things in life that we hold onto, while counting the seven weeks between Passover and Shavuot, and other works.

The Kittel Collection | Draw Yomi Notebooks | Omer Drawings

Katz Snyder Gallery hours:
Monday – Thursday: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm
Friday – Sunday: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Jacqueline Nicholls in SF - 2
Gallery Opening
In this gallery opening event, Jacqueline Nicholls will introduce her style, which emphasizes the meaningful role of the visual, an often under-valued part of Jewish life and learning.
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Nina Paley, animator and activist behind Sita Sings The Blues, has been working on her new project Seder Masochism since 2011. She has just released a new work in progress scene, “G0d Calls Moses To Mt. Horeb”.

God Calls Moses to Mt. Horeb from Nina Paley on Vimeo.

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Sheva Minim II, Papercut, 31.5” x 16.75” x 2.5”
IMG_4573 - Version 2

Intricate cut paper artwork depicting the seven agricultural products, that are listed in the Torah as being special products of the Land of Israel. The seven species are wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives and dates.

Rochel Schiffrin is a young paper-cut artist from Pittsburgh, PA. View her work at http://www.rochelschiffrin.com/

by Yehudis Barmatz


Rami Ozeri has a background in economics and philosophy. We can use people like him in the arts. He is a dreamer, a planner and a networker. He has the advantage of providing a stage for a growing scene of Jewish artists who otherwise would remain in shelters and behind closed doors. With his initiative, in 2013 the Jerusalem Biennale was born. When I mentioned the Jerusalem Biennale to my Tel Avivian Great Aunt, she was not sure she heard me correctly. She gave a short laugh for lack of better words. Perhaps from a Tel Aviv perspective, an event called a “biennale” in Jerusalem is cute. Upon taking a few steps backwards, one realizes how significant the Jerusalem Biennale is in the world of Jewish Art. A well-rounded essay written in the Erev Rav by Jewish art critic David Sperber in 2013 presents the fruitful outcome of tackling such an unanswerable topic as Jewish Art by the Jerusalem Biennale.

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Final invitation January 8-page-001

On January 8, the COJECO Blueprint Fellowship will host “Re:Turn”, a joint photography exhibition and literary salon, featuring the photographs of Anna Chana Demidova and the short fiction of Avital Chizhik. The evening is devoted to the narratives of Russian-speaking Orthodox Jews – originally from the Soviet Union who became observant.

“This demographic turned out to be more socially and culturally invisible than I thought,” says Anna Chana Demidova, a Belarusian-born photographer who lives in New York and studies at Columbia University. “My intention was to show the daily lives of my subjects and to tell their stories of reconciling Soviet mentality, immigrant experience, American culture, and Jewish laws. Both secular American and Russian-speaking communities are rarely supportive of Orthodox Jews’ lifestyle choices. I wanted to show the value of that lifestyle.” The exhibition features photographs of Russian-speaking Orthodox Jews in moments of routine and religious rituals, along with interview excerpts about their experience of becoming more observant.

Avital Chizhik, a journalist in New York, whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Tablet and regularly in Haaretz, will be reading from her short story collection, “In The Eighteenth Minute”.

“My stories are set in the Russian-Jewish community, from New York to Moscow to Jerusalem,” Chizhik says. “Becoming observant is, in many ways, an immigration experience, always being an Other in the foreign land of ritual and text study. My work examines that outsider experience, the clashes between generations, cultures and languages. And I think there’s something universal about it, in that search for home: in land, in religion, in culture, and in language.”

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BIENNALE2015 – Open Call

The Jerusalem Biennale will be held for the second time between September 24th and November 5th, 2015 in different locations around the city center of Jerusalem.

jerusalem biennale
The Jerusalem Biennale is dedicated to exploring the places in which the Contemporary Art world and the Jewish world of content meet. It is a stage for professional artists, who create today and refer in their work to Jewish thought, spirit, tradition or experience.

What are we looking for?
The Jerusalem Biennale is seeking Institutions, Artists Groups and independent Curators worldwide to submit proposals for Biennale2015 – The world’s first Biennale dedicated to Contemporary Jewish Art. The proposals should be for an entire exhibition of any discipline or combination of disciplines (painting, photography, sculpture, installation, video, sound and more). Proposals for performance(s) can be included in an additional chapter within the general proposal.

The Biennale encourages collaboration between different organizations and groups to submit a joint proposal. Collaborative submissions will be ranked higher.

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View all the photos on Flickr.

By Saul Sudin Originally published on Hevria.com

Red DotIMG_4798 (1)

It is always an interesting experiment to go to Art Basel in Miami with the intent of discovering contemporary Jewish art. The odds are good that there will simply be nothing to report on. Last year I attended with the same focus, and found not much more than a photograph of Spider-Man praying at the Western Wall (as great as that was).

From my seat in the Brooklyn Jewish creative scene it can seem like every day another artist is popping up full of vim for incorporating religion into their artwork. But the reality is, there are very few people on the professional scale, especially at an internationally renowned art fair, who are actively showing off Jewish-content artwork. And yet, it was there on display if you knew where to look. Across the main show and several other satellite fairs across the city, I found a handful of artists who range in experience and media, united through an interest in exploring Jewish themes.

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The Asylum International Jewish Artist Retreat is entering its third year, and applications are now open for 2015. Once again, it will be hosted in Garrison, NY, north of New York City and this time it will be taking place MAY 3-6, 2015. Jewish Art Now’s Creative Director/ filmmaker Saul Sudin was a participant in the 2014 retreat and it was a life-changing experience, highly recommended to those who are eligible. To be eligible to apply, you must be:

·Between 22 and 39 years of age by time of application.
·Actively working in an artistic discipline, with at least two years of professional experience producing and disseminating your art, and have demonstrated a significant commitment to your artistic discipline.
·The creator of work, not an interpreter of the work of others.
·Able to travel to the United States for the retreat. Unfortunately, Asylum Arts cannot apply for visas on behalf of artists.
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