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Founded in 2011, Be-Share-Et (pronounced Be-sheert) is a leather accessories collection which combines spirituality and high fashion. These products take their inspiration from Tefillin, the ritual leather straps and boxes traditionally worn in Judaism for morning prayers. For centuries Jews have adorned themselves with holy blessings using leather straps when praying. The ancient ritual has […]

In September 1825, Major Mordecai Noah founded Ararat, “a city of refuge for the Jews” on Grand Island, New York. This turned out to be the first of many unrealized projects in modern history that sought to carve out a nation for the Jewish people. Mapping Ararat offers the user/participant the tools to imagine an […]

By Saul Sudin Rama Burshtein’s Fill The Void (Lemale et ha’halal) is the second film in as many years to emerge from Israel with not only a strong international presence, but a unique perspective on religious Judaism. Just as Footnote before it, this was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards after […]

Applications are now open for the 2013 Studio G-dcast residency at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, California. Accepted entrants will spend six days adapting wild stories from Jewish tradition into animated shorts and interactive multimedia experiences under the guidance of professionals. They are looking for animators and illustrators (among writers, musicians, coders and […]

“Fractured Epics: History Painting and Imaginary Portraits” by Joel Silverstein filmed at The Columbia/ Barnard Kraft Center for Jewish Student Life. This exhibition is on display through January 27th. Special thanks to the Jewish Art Salon, especially Yona Verwer and Richard McBee for their vital roles in creating this exhibition and presentation.

Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe of Harvard University continues his inspirational series of videos exclusive to Jewish Art Now with part two in the series, “Deeper Design”. “Deeper Design” Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe – Jewish Art Now from Saul Sudin on Vimeo. Be sure to follow the Jewish Art Now channel on vimeo here.

“Punk Jews” is a documentary film that follows an underground Jewish community expressing their identity in unconventional ways that challenge stereotypes and break down barriers. From Hassidic punk rockers to Yiddish street performers to African-American Jewish activists, “Punk Jews” shows an emerging movement in New York City of Jews asserting their Jewish identity, defying the […]

Hanukkah Electronica

28, Nov 2012

Hanukkah Electronica is an elegant designer-made Menorah for the Festival of Lights. It’s miniaturized modern styling makes it looks like a pocket-sized work of art. It not only travels easily to dorms, offices, and around the house, but its LED candellight is designed to mesmerize. Pick the number of “candles” you want to burn each […]

“The Artist and The Flint Stone” Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe – Jewish Art Now from Saul Sudin on Vimeo.

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Jewish Art Now presents Jacqueline Nicholls Part One: Judaism & Art from Jewish Art Now on Vimeo.   Jewish Art Now presents Jacqueline Nicholls Part Two: The Kittel Collection from Saul Sudin on Vimeo.   Jewish Art Now presents Jacqueline Nicholls Part Three: The Mourning Kittel from Jewish Art Now on Vimeo. Find out more […]

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